Premier Guitar: Thanks for visiting us in Frankfurt!

"Germany’s Ampete showed off two new amps at Musikmesse 2014: Ampete One is a Marshall-derived, EL34-driven, dual-channel 100-watter with lots of extras: two boost modes, which generate eight possible characters from the two channels; a “speed” switch providing three bass responses ranging from tight to loose; presence and “deep” controls; and both MIDI and footswitch control. Ampete also debuted ...
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Messe Day ONE

First day of the MusikMesse in Franfurt. Nice to see how many guys from all over the world like our stuff. Ears and Brain close down gradually as time goes by during the day, but we were able to reset it over night. See our lovely booth (Halle 4.0, booth F27) and have fun.
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Ampete at the Frankfurt MusikMesse

Only February, but yet another good news for an exciting year for us. As we announced a while ago, we are ready to launch more of our interpretation of modern guitar equipment. We not only extend our Ampswitcher series with the 222, a 1 rack space unit for switching 2 amps, 2 cabs and 2 FX loops, furthermore we are very proud to finally launch our tube guitar amp series! It starts with either t...
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Ampete Spyder @ NAMM

Kill 2 birds with one stone and watch out for the Ampete Spyder at the Friedman Amplification booth at NAMM. The spyder is the perfect match for the best guitar tones of all times. This years namm show gives you the exclusive oppurtunity to check out those extraordinary Friedman amps and cabs through our Spyder in any combination in a real time switching mode. Just as you would like it to be on ...
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