Welcome to Ampete Engineering, located in the heart of Cologne Ehrenfeld, where everything is ‘around the corner’, the next doener, pizza, currywurst… sushi… etc. If you ever plan to visit us, you can convince yourself what a lovely place this is.


If you prefer to drop your amp personally instead of using a courier we receipt you in our small office. To make you feel like home and to balance our modest reception with some unwatered plants you can watch some of our beauties during repair registry. Unfortunately we have to tell you, that none of them are for sale.
Please call us for an appointment or come around during our new opening hours.


This is the heart and the creative center of Ampete Engineering, where every idea has its origin. From simple valve testings or speaker comparisons through loud acoustic hearings in our soundcabin to complex measurements like frequency ranges or dynamic characteristics nearly everything is possible and gives us the possibility to go beyond limits such small companies normally are constrained. Yet a bit slow because of it’s advanced age, but still undefeatable in that conjunction is our system one, which is aside from our ears the most important instrument. We truly enjoy our work here, a ceiling height of almost 20 feet with skylights is as good as its heating costs unfortunately high.

Test Station

Our test station gives us the possibility to let the amps run under real conditions. The tested amp is fed with a reamped signal and is connected with a real cab (412 inch V30 for the guitar, 810 inch for bass amps). To save our ears and nerves (and these of our neighbours too) the cabs are about 10 feet under the soil in a bunker. 4 guitar and 4 bass cabinets are miked and recorded with a harddisk recording system. As we are using looped signals we are able to evaluate if an amp is running stable within minutes when checking the recorded curves. At the same time we can take easy measurements like wattage, current and power consumption, distortion factor or signal to noise ratio during a test run. The last picture shows our hellmachine, a vibrating plate for simulating a head on top of a cabinet. The amps signal (in or out of phase) drives it, thus the vibration can be adjusted from low to intensive. Furthermore the vibrating plate gives us the option to reduce side noises in combo amplifiers without maltreating our ears.